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Day 1

Conniption Navy Gin

Let the adventure be-gin! 

We're kicking off with this wondrous American made Gin because we think it does a great job of combining the best of two worlds. It has both the deep, resinous juniper character of classic Gins and the freshness that modern distillation (low heat) allows - in this case sweet accents of citrus and fig.

Voted USA today's best craft Gin distillery 2018, we think this is one of the best American gins on the market. Whether it's the process or the flavour that you want to explore, there's a lot to delve into here - the perfect start to this journey of discovery!

If using Indian Tonic:


Double down on that crisp freshness - add a slice of orange, or if you're feeling a little decadent, add a quarter of Fig.

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