Day 24

Juniper Cubed Gin

Lots and lots of juniper!

We've taken 200L of gin made up from hundreds of gins from around the world and created a universal mix. We've then infused it with as much juniper as we can find, which is a lot.

We've used Juniper Communis from Macedonia, Tuscany and the Mediterranean basin. We've also added an entirely different variety of juniper, Juniperus Phoenicea that we foraged in Formentera, as well as Juniperus Procera, which we had sent over from Africa.

We took all of this and redistilled it to create a London Dry Gin.

If using Indian Tonic:


We love an orange peel, but it's so damn piney, you might as well double down on the triple juniper with some more, or snip a sprig off the Christmas tree and stick it in.

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